● Women with breast tumors sought for ultrasound study

A clinical trial to evaluate the use of ultrasound takes place in the US

The Roanoke Times paper published an article about the enrollment of women for echotherapy treatment in US.

A clinical trial to evaluate the use of ultrasound to treat benign breast tumors is enrolling women in the University of Virginia (USA). These benign breast tumors affect 10% of women during their life and are very common in Latin Americans.

In the US, about 400,000 surgeries are performed every year to remove fibroadenomas, this clinical trial would evaluate the advantages of ultrasound treatment instead of surgery.

Dr. David Brenin, chief of breast surgery and co-director of the UVA Breast Care program, in charge of the clinical trial, is currently enrolling women to perform echotherapy.

If you need more information about the results on echotherapy, an article from Pr. Roussanka Kovatcheva about the long-term efficacy of the ultrasound treatment of breast fibroadenoma is available in the article.

If you are interested in participating in the clinical trial, please contact the Surgical Therapeutic Advancement Center at 434-243-0315 and ask to speak to the research coordinator for the trial UVA IRB# 19437

> More information on http://www.roanoke.com/business/columns_and_blogs/blogs/med_beat/med-beat-women-with-benign-breast-tumors-sought-for-ultrasound/article_9fa82545-c1a0-57ce-acb1-ba5a70875a87.html

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