Self examination

Most fibroadenomas are discovered by accident. It would be better to get into the habit of regular self examination. It is really easy with these step-by-step instructions: 















1. Observe your breasts
Stand in front of a mirror and observe carefully your breasts. Do you see any changes? Don’t forget to examine your nipples.
Put both hands in your waist and check again. Now stretch both arms towards the ceiling.


2. Analyze your axilla
Palpate your left axilla with the middle finger of your right hand and vice-versa. Pay attention to swellings or bulges.


3. Palpation of breasts
To start, press your nipples between thumb and digit and pay attention to any leaking liquid.
Then palpate your breast with the 3 middle fingers of your hand. Do this in a systematic way (see arrow), so that you reach every part of the breast. Here, too, pay attention to swellings or bulges.





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