Experiences with echotherapy

There are different reasons why women choose the gentle, non-invasive treatment of their fibroadenomas with echotherapy. Here, some of them tell you how they made the decision and about their experience with echotherapy.

«The feeling of tightness has completely gone.
When I was 14 I was diagnosed with a lump. At first I was told that it was a fatty cyst. During my periods it became harder and also unpleasant. But I didn’t think that it would have to be removed. And when I realised it was nothing serious it was clear for me that I was going to leave it in there. I didn’t want my breast touched for this. I don’t know exactly how big the lump was at that time…»

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Janine, 39 years old

«I was able to play with my son again as normal straight after the treatment and take him in my arms. That was very important for me.
I discovered the lump quite by chance. It was in 2009, I was lying in bed at night and turned onto my side. I put my hand on the side of my breast and suddenly felt it. I was really afraid. I knew that it could be cancer and that I needed to have it examined…»

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Monika, 32 years old

«I was afraid that the lump would continue to grow as I had already noticed that it had got bigger and bigger. It didn’t look pretty.
I was always having pain. I was about 16. The pains were quite irregular and at one stage I went to the doctor’s. Of course I was worried that it might be cancer. It’s funny when you don’t know what it is. My mother was also around and was worried»

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Saskia, 19 years old

«Unconsciously, it is troublesome to know it is there, maybe growing. This feeling has disappeared now and it is a great relief.
At the beginning of 2013, whilst inspecting my breast, I discovered a nodule. At this time I had never heard about fibroadenomas, so I was afraid that it was something more serious. Subsequently, I asked for the advice of a gynecologist. After the ultrasound, he confirmed that it was not a cancer…»

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Claudia, 33 years old




The testimonials above represent personal patient’s experiences. These personal experiences are not guaranteed and can vary according to the situation or the person.

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