Experiences with echotherapy

Monika, aged 32

«I was able to play with my son again as normal straight after the treatment and take him in my arms. That was very important for me.»

«I discovered the lump quite by chance. It was in 2009, I was lying in bed at night and turned onto my side. I put my hand on the side of my breast and suddenly felt it. I was really afraid. I knew that it could be cancer and that I needed to have it examined.
Initially my gynaecologist did an ultrasound scan and after that she said that she was quite sure that there was nothing to worry about. But I was so afraid that I had a biopsy done anyway.

When it was clear that it was a fibroadenoma, my gynaecologist told me that it could be removed but she also thought that during pregnancy that would change because of the hormones. I was sure that I wanted a child and thought that I would wait and the lump would probably shrink. I am so afraid of operations that I would do anything to avoid surgery! What was weighing on me was that I had been checking the lump the whole time myself to see if it was changing. I was very scared.

Then my son came into the world and for a long time I didn’t notice any change in the lump. I didn’t breast feed, it just didn’t happen. Some time after the birth I started to take the pill for the first time in my life. This was actually just because I had skin problems. It worked great for that but the fibroadenoma suddenly appeared to have grown a lot. During a routine examination my gynaecologist told me that it had become much bigger. I think it was 3.6 cm. And then she really pressurised me to have it removed. I didn’t want this at any cost. Apart from the fact that I was so afraid of the operation, my son was now there and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be fit after the operation and couldn’t be there for him. He loves to have a cuddle and plays a great deal; I wouldn’t have been able to do that. So I tried to delay the operation but it became clear that it would have to be done. I had already made an appointment for the operation. At the time I almost went mad and thought I wouldn’t be able to go through with it.
I had already been looking for other treatment options. On the Internet I saw something about echotherapy – I was really thrilled. I understood that this was not an operation and I felt able to go through with it. I called my echotherapy centre, cancelled the operation and took an appointment for echotherapy treatment.

Just before the treatment I wondered whether it would really work so well and on the day I was very nervous. Then I thought: what would it have been like with an operation if I was so afraid as it was? I had to lie on my side and the machine was placed on the outside of my breast, on the skin. From time to time I felt a prick, that was all. It was all over in about an hour. My breast was a little swollen and when the anaesthetic wore off I had a burning sensation. But I experienced no pain at all. I was able to play with my son again as normal straight after the treatment and take him in my arms. That was very important for me. I was thrilled that I hadn’t needed an operation.

Within a month or so, I felt that the fibroadenoma had decreased in size. And after four months I was with my gynaecologist and she said that it was now only 1.1 cm, smaller than a pea! The gynaecologist was delighted with the result and I was totally satisfied: the fibroadenoma really had shrunk much more quickly than I had expected. I would choose this option again without hesitation.»


The testimonials above represent personal patient’s experiences. These personal experiences are not guaranteed and can vary according to the situation or the person.


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