Experiences with echotherapy

Saskia, aged 19

«I was afraid that the lump would continue to grow as I had already noticed that it had got bigger and bigger. It didn’t look pretty»

«I was always having pain. I was about 16. The pains were quite irregular and at one stage I went to the doctor’s. Of course I was worried that it might be cancer. It’s funny when you don’t know what it is. My mother was also around and was worried. The doctor identified a lump and I got an appointment with the hospital for a core biopsy. I was then told that it was a fibroadenoma.

I was afraid that the lump would continue to grow as I had already noticed that it had got bigger and bigger. By that time it was also visible. It was particularly prominent when lying down. It didn’t look pretty! The lump was 3.9 cm in size, I think. I thought it was bound to get really bad at some stage. That’s why I wanted the lump treated at all cost. The doctor said that it could be removed quickly. I didn’t want it cutting out, though, as my scars never heal well. I had also been epileptic when I was younger and don’t react well to anaesthetic, which all went against an operation.

Then my mother found something on the Internet about echotherapy and told me about it.

I was comforted in that no scars or wrinkles are left after echotherapy and that one breast doesn’t look any different from the other afterwards. It was quite clear to me that I wanted to have this done.

But on the day of the treatment I was quite nervous, as I didn’t really know whether I would be in pain. There was some tugging at a particular point during the treatment. It did hurt, but only for a short time.

After the treatment I had a couple of bruises but that was not so bad. I did all the things I normally do every day.

I then noticed for the first time that the lump had shrunk and at the follow-up examination after six months it could be seen that it had already halved in size. And now it also looks better. I thought it was good that there were no scars and no wound which could become infected. On the other side I have another fibroadenoma and would also like to have this treated using echotherapy.»


The testimonials above represent personal patient’s experiences. These personal experiences are not guaranteed and can vary according to the situation or the person.

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