Tips about fibroadenomas

Whether you are suffering from tension pain in the breast or worrying about the investigations – here you will find valuable tips for your everyday life with fibroadenomas.

Tension pain in the breast before the period - what can I do?

It is tense, there is pressure, your breast feels warm and your favourite bra no longer fits… Before your period, a fibroadenoma can sometimes really make itself unpleasantly noticeable. A few tips can offer you relief, however:

Curd compress to combat the feeling of heat. Apply a couple of teaspoons of curd to the affected breast and place a thin cloth over it. You can repeat the compress up to two times as required after the curd becomes warm.

Reduce tension with an ointment. If the breast regularly swell a lot, your gynaecologist can prescribe you an ointment containing the hormone gestagen. This reduces tissue swelling. There is also an ointment with an active ingredient made from the medicinal plant Monk’s pepper as a herbal alternative.

Reduce stress. Ensure sufficient rest, say «no» to additional work and take time out for your favourite hobbies. This is because everything that ensures relaxation relieves the symptoms and thereby the feeling of tension in the breasts.

Determine the causes. Be checked by your gynaecologist to determine the cause. Maybe the fibroadenoma has grown markedly? If the tension pain increasingly becomes a burden, you can reconsider whether it might be more sensible to treat the fibroadenoma.

Sport with fibroadenomas - what should I watch out for?

Sport is fun and is good for you. There is no reason why you should avoid a daily round of jogging in the park or power training at the gym even if you have a fibroadenoma. With these tips, you can avoid discomfort:

The right bra can work wonders. It is definitely worth investing more time when buying a bra: get yourself a proper-fitting sports bra that provides optimal support for your breasts. This is particularly important when you play sports with rapid or abrupt movements like squash or zumba.

Eliminate lying on the stomach? Whether gymnastics or yoga, several exercises are performed lying on your stomach or on your side. A fibroadenoma can, under certain circumstances, make itself unpleasantly noticeable. Often a nicely placed training brick or a small change in the exercise will suffice.


You can take this alternative position to the prone position between individual sport exercises and yoga postures. Try to put the weight of your head as much as possible on your superposed fists.

Fear of investigation - how can I deal with it?

An unpleasant sensation in the stomach, moist hands before the examination appointment…? If you are one of these people who want to turn around as soon as they see the sign for the doctor’s practice, then these tips are for you:

Bring support. The first investigation to diagnose a fibroadenoma is often experienced as stressful. It helps a lot to have a trusted person with you. Ask a good friend or your partner to come with you to the investigation appointment.

Talk about it. This applies just as much to your gynaecologist and the team at the doctor’s practice. Many investigations, such as a biopsy, are routine for the doctor. If you notice that you are particularly anxious before an investigation, you should speak up, so that your gynaecologist can better attend to you.

Be informed. Fear often arises out of a feeling of helplessness. A little more expert knowledge will give you that good feeling of actually being able to understand your investigation. Take time to inform yourself before the appointment, and ask when anything is not clear.

Do not exaggerate. You skim through the latest entries in the forum about fibroadenomas and then telephone your Aunt Edna saying «it’s all over»… Yes, there is such a thing as too much information. Given today’s media overload, it is not so easy to protect yourself from this. Deal wisely with the information on offer. Say «stop» in good time when it is too much for you.

Breathe. Deep and regular breaths signal to the body that everything is in order and there is no imminent danger. During the next investigation appointment, try this breathing technique: place your hand on your lower abdomen and observe how your breath moves your belly. Gradually make your breaths longer, particularly when breathing out.

Fibroadenomas and sex - what is different?

A lump in the breast, even when it is harmless, can initially make you quite insecure. Will my partner feel the lump during sex? A few tips can help to approach the issue calmly:

Love yourself. Women tend to be very critical of their bodies. But honestly, who is perfect? It is actually amazing what your body does for you every day. Distract yourself by taking notice of what you like about yourself!

Openness. Would you like to be touched more gently? Are you suddenly embarrassed about the shape of your breast? Openness quickly removes tension from the situation.

The right time. Even though open communication is important – see above – there’s also a time and a place for it. In other words, during an intensive conversation about private matters, you can talk about your experience with the fibroadenoma. On the first date or in the middle of a romantic situation, however, you should probably keep it to yourself.

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