● Dr. David Brenin Interview on WINA radio

Dr. Brenin shared his experience of echotherapy at the University of Virginia over an interview on WINA radio. Dr. David Brenin is the principal investigator in the first clinical trial assessing the echotherapy’s potential to treat benign tumors of the breast known as fibroadenomas.

Here are some extracts of this interview:

“Fibroadenomas are benign tumors of the breast and are more common in Latinas[…]these tumors are not cancer and in most cases are only bothersome to the patients and do not put life at risk but they are bothersome enough that many patients seek treatment for.”

“Most of the time, a patient will come in and say that she has a lump in her breast. she will be examined by a physician, often will have a breast ultrasound. On the ultrasound we usually see a tumor that looks like a fibroadenoma, sometimes we recommend a core biopsy […] just to prove that it is a fibroadenoma. In most cases, the tumor does not need to be removed but they are bothersome often to the patient to the point that they cause anxiety and discomfort and many women will choose to treat the fibroadenoma. The most common way that we take care of fibroadenoma is through surgery […] The idea of this new treatment we are investigating now at the University of Virginia which is focused ultrasound ablation, is to try to treat these tumors without causing the patient to have a scar. There is no incision what so ever, there is no needle that goes into the breast. The treatment is entirely transcutaneous, the ultrasound waves pass through the skin and are focused in the tumor, heat the tumor and also disrupt the tumor making it go away…”

Listen to the entire interview online: Dr David Brenin – New Clinical Trial For Benign Breast Tumors

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