● Thyroid and Fertility

A thyroid problem has a major influence on the metabolism. One of them is fertility disorder. Thyroid disorder can cause fertility difficulties for men and women.

Indeed, the thyroid hormones interact with other sexual hormones. The right quantity of hormones permits to preserve a normal function of the body. But when there is too much or too less thyroid hormones, it can impact the balance of hormone and fertility. Moreover, the well-functioning of the thyroid gland is important for the parents and for the baby. A thyroid problem can cause miscarriage, premature delivery and other problems that can influence brain development of the fetus.

The thyroid hormones impact male fertility with hormonal imbalances and physical, psychological and behavioral problems. These hormones have a major influence in sperm production. Indeed, once the thyroid is treated man’s fertility is restored.

For women, the thyroid hormones interact with the reproductive hormones, estrogens and progesterone. An overactive thyroid can cause difficulties to getting pregnant and staying pregnant. Therefore, checking the thyroid functioning is the first thing to do when you have troubles getting pregnant.

There are two main diseases that can cause these fertility issues: hypothyroidism when thyroid gland produces too little thyroid hormones, and hyperthyroidism which is an overproduction of thyroid hormones.

Indeed, with both these diseases, once the thyroid is treated, the fertility problems should stop.

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