Experiences with echotherapy

«Echotherapy was for me a real option to gently treat my nodule. I would have delayed an operation as much as possible.
When I was very young, I had thyroid problems and has been operated in my early. Since then, I take a daily thyroid hormone. Over the years, however, a node has unfortunately formed again, which was getting bigger. Finally, it was about 2.3 cm in size and has increasingly bothered me. I had trouble swallowing and a feeling of a lump in the throat.With physical exertion, I was short of breath very…»

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Melanie, 41 years old

«For me, it was a huge relief when I learned that my thyroid gland could be treated with gentle echotherapy.»
Thyroid nodules occur frequently in our family. I myself had never had problems in the past. However about three years ago, I suddenly suffered from water storage, had a lot of sweat and was often tired and breathless. I suspected the usual causes of menopause and asthma. Following an appointment with my osteopath things got rolling: he suspected a thyroid problems behind my symptoms. Following up…»

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Ilona, 59 years old


The testimonials above represent personnal patient’s experiences. These personal experiences are not guaranteed and can vary according to the situation or the person.