Experiences with echotherapy

Melanie, 41 years old

“Echotherapy was for me a real option to gently treat my nodule. I would have delayed an operation as much as possible.”

“When I was very young, I had thyroid problems and has been operated in my early. Since then, I take a daily thyroid hormone. Over the years, however, a node has unfortunately formed again, which was getting bigger. Finally, it was about 2.3 cm in size and has increasingly bothered me. I had trouble swallowing and a feeling of a lump in the throat. With physical exertion, I was short of breath very quickly, because the node compressed my windpipe (trachea).

I knew that things cannot continue longer like this. There was no question for me to have another operation as I was afraid of possible risks, such as a vocal cord paralysis. Also my first OP caused internal scar tissue. Then, when my doctor suggested me as an alternative, the echotherapy, I did not hesitate long. This was for me a real option to gently treat the node. I would have delayed an operation as much as possible.

I was reassured that with echotherapy was minimal risk and was scar-free. That was very important to me in my history. There are no general anesthesia and no post-treatment required. The short treatment time and the fact that you can return to your everyday life again immediately after the procedure, convinced me.

On treatment day, I was still nervous because I was not sure if I will feel pain. I have therefore taken a mild pain reliever. The treatment lasted about 45 minutes. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. During the ultrasound shots, I felt a tingling sensation and a feeling of pressure that spread depending on the position in the direction of the jaw, shoulder and neck. I also had a cold feeling at the site where the treatment has occurred and a slight pull in the jaw. But two hours later, everything was OK. I had no limitations in everyday life.

The node has already visibly shrunk and I am symptom-free. I particularly like that there were no scars and that you have to interrupt your life briefly. I can highly recommend this therapy to other. »


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