Professor Whiteley talks about the Sonovein procedure

The Whiteley Clinics in the UK are leading centers for varicose vein treatment and research. In the clinics located in London, Guildford and Bristol, internationally renowned vein expert Professor Mark Whiteley offers his patients access to the worlds most innovative treatment techniques.

With Echotherapy, go back to your daily activies immediately after the treatment !

Sonovein echotherapy avoids any invasive procedure or hospitalisation. Unlike laser, radiofrequency or surgery is 100% non-invasive as it uses ultrasound to treat the damaged veins from outside the body.


Non Invasive   –   No Scars   –   No Surgery   –   No Post-Treatment Pain

The words of an expert

Echotherapy is the first ever high-precision non-invasive treatment for varicose veins. This is a medical breakthrough which will completely alter the way we treat varicose veins and venous issues!

Professor Mark Whiteley MS FRCS (Gen) FCPhleb, Consultant Venous Surgeon and Consultant Phlebologist, Founder of the Whiteley Clinic, London (UK).


No scars and no risk of infection

With SONOVEIN patients are left with no scars and there is no risk of infection as there is no incision at all.

Performed in a normal doctor’s office

Whilst traditional techniques are performed in an operating theatre echotherapy is performed in a normal doctors office or ultrasound room.

Immediate recovery

Patients can return immediately to their normal daily activities and even go back to work the same day if they wish.

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SONOVEIN® is a class IIb medical device (according to Directive 93/42/EEC) designed and marketed by Theraclion. SONOVEIN® has received CE-mark for the coagulation of blood vessels in patients with superficial vein reflux – CE n° 2797. It is a regulated health product which bear the CE marking as required by law. Please discuss with your doctor if you are eligible for this treatment. For further information please visit .

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