Claudia, 33 years

At the beginning of 2013, whilst inspecting my breast, I discovered a nodule. At this time I had never heard about fibroadenoma, so I was afraid that it was something more serious. Subsequently, I asked for the advice of a gynecologist. After the ultrasound, he confirmed that it was not cancer but probably just a fibroadenoma. To eliminate any doubt, I also had a biopsy undertaken on the lump. At this time, it was not a cause for concern, as it was a rather small lump which wasn’t visible and that was not painful.

Over the following 3 or 4 months I had it monitored and discovered that it had grown rapidly. When the ultrasound confirmed that it had become large, the doctor advised me that it should be removed. I wondered how they were going to remove it. The thought of a surgical procedure cutting open my breast and removing the fibroadenoma was a rather shocking thought for me.

During this time, the fibroadenoma had become very big. It was now visible when I was wearing necklines. Then I read an article on echotherapy, and sent a request for more information to the center about it. At that time, echotherapy was a relatively new technology, but I had no concern as I thought this ultrasound technique would be much more preferable rather than surgery and the thought of irreversible scars and potential cavities in my breast.

I decided to arrange an appointment with the echotherapy center. The treatment was not unpleasant, only the lying position without moving was a little uncomfortable. The procedure lasted about one hour, I thought it would be worse! My appointment was on a Friday and I went home immediately after the procedure, my breasts were slightly swollen and a bit warm but otherwise everything was normal.

After one or two weeks, the fibroadenoma started to shrink and has continued becoming smaller and smaller since then. Now, it is only 2 cm. I cannot feel it anymore and it is not painful. I would recommend the treatment with echotherapy, even if the fibroadenoma is not physically painful. Unconsciously, it is troublesome to know it is there, maybe growing. This feeling has disappeared now and it is a great relief. My gynecologist also declares that surgery would have not been done so well and that there would have been scars. I am thus very happy. I am also surprised that echotherapy is not yet widely available.

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