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July 2023 | SONOVEIN®, the non-surgical alternative to treat varicose veins in the legs, also in summer

“Do you suffer from heaviness, swelling, cramps or itching in the legs? Have you noticed the dilated and twisted veins under the skin? You may be suffering from varicose veins, a pathology that affects more than 40% of the world’s population.

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June 2023 | Treating varicose veins without going through the operating room and recovering normal life immediately is possible thanks to ultrasound

“The Instituto Vascular Internacional in Madrid and the IVEI in Marbella offer a service to address varicose veins through the application of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), a technique that allows you to combat varicose veins without surgery and quickly return to normal life.

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June 2023 | Why do legs swell (especially in summer)?

“Fluid retention is one of the main causes of swollen legs and in summer, with the heat, it is usually more frequent. In principle, it is a benign problem but it can mask serious pathologies.”

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June 2023 | What are varicose veins and why do they appear?

“Although more than 40% of the population has them, even athletes, it is convenient to know their cause and to be aware of whether we get them.”

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May 2023 | Thyroid malfunction causes serious deterioration of health

“Early detection and being aware of a number of symptoms is very important in dealing with this disease”

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December 2022 | Varicose vein surgery and its less invasive alternatives

“One in four adults suffer from varicose veins. The classic treatment is the varicose vein operation. But nowadays there are equally effective and less invasive alternatives. With the help of a vascular surgeon, we tell you about the best options”.



November 2022 | Men have varicose veins too and here are the best ways to treat them

“Although it starts out as a cosmetic problem, it is actually a health problem that needs special attention to prevent it from getting worse”.



November 2022 | Varicose veins removed without incision

“Removing varicose veins without incision is now possible at Argenteuil Hospital, the first public institution to be equipped with a high-tech device, the Sonovein.”

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Le Parisien (France)

October 2022 | Argenteuil hospital equips itself with a unique robot in France to treat varicose veins

“The device enables the most severe cases to be treated non-invasively. It is the first public establishment to acquire this equipment”.


le Régional L'Echo (France)

Ocotbre 2022 | ULTRasOns. To hell with varicose veins

“A revolution in the surgical treatment of varicose veins: Argenteuil Hospital is the first public hospital to launch a robotic treatment of varicose veins without incision and without anaesthesia”.



September 2022 | A revolutionary solution for the treatment of varicose veins

“The new technology for treating varicose veins entirely from outside the body, which is now also available in the Czech Republic, is different from existing procedures in this field. It is a non-invasive robotic treatment. With the SONOVEIN® system, which works on the principle of using high-intensity therapeutic ultrasound”.



September 2022 | Legs like feathers

“With the latest ultrasoft technique, treat dilated veins without surgery”.


ORDINACE (Czech Republic)

September 2022 | A revolutionary solution for the treatment of varicose veins, for the first time entirely from outside the body.

“Varicose veins affect about one and a half million people in the Czech Republic. What started out as an aesthetic issue can end up being a health problem. The earlier the treatment of varicose veins begins, the better. A new treatment for varicose veins without incisions or scars is coming to the Czech Republic”.


ZENA-IN (Czech Republic)

September 2022 | A revolutionary solution for the treatment of varicose veins arrives for the first time in the Czech Republic, entirely outside the body.

“The Dermatological Angiology Centre in Říčany is the first place in the Czech Republic to treat varicose veins without cuts or scars using Theraclion’s SONOVEIN® ultrasound therapy system, allowing patients to return to their daily activities immediately after the procedure”.


ZDRAVI (Czech Republic)


“Today, there are very gentle methods that make it possible to avoid surgery. One of them is the revolutionary robotic method of treating varicose veins called ultrasound therapy with the SONOVEIN® system, which recently arrived from France and our centre is the only place in the Czech Republic equipped with this technology. What exactly is it?”.



Summer 2022 | Center for vein disease, with an active research program, is unique in New Jersey

“Englewood Health is the only hospital in New Jersey with a dedicated Center for Vein Disease. Led by Steve Elias, MD, a pioneer in the field, the center provides the latest technology and most comprehensive treatment options for a variety of conditions, including leg ulcers, varicose and spider veins, and venous ulcers.”

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July 2022 | Wambrechies: a new technique for the treatment of varicose veins, without incision

“This treatment by ultrasound therapy, which consists of using high-intensity focused ultrasound, avoids the need to go to a clinic or hospital. Dr. Guillaume Stalnikiewicz is one of the few to practice it.”

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July 2022 | Without varicose veins 

“They affect many women and are often very annoying. Far from being just an aesthetic concern, they are a health problem that can worsen in summer. Fortunately, they can be eliminated”.



June 23, 2022 | Your Health: Varicose veins, phlebitis, how to avoid them?
Interview with Guillaume Stalnikiewiczecin, vascular physician and President of Nord Phlebo. He explains to us which treatments are possible in case of varicose veins and how SONOVEIN is established today as one of its solutions.

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June 2022 | Quirónsalud Marbella, pioneer in HIFU ultrasound therapy to treat thyroid nodules

“The health center in Marbella incorporates the most advanced equipment for the treatment of benign nodules in the thyroid gland without the need for surgery. Quirónsalud Marbella is the only one with this therapy in the southern half of the country.”

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June 2022 | Quirónsalud Marbella, pioneer in the use of HIFU ultrasound therapy to treat thyroid nodules

“The Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital has incorporated HIFU ultrasound therapy for the treatment of thyroid nodules, the most advanced technology for treating benign nodules of the thyroid gland without the need for surgery.”

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June 2022 | Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella, pioneer in HIFU ultrasound therapy for the treatment of thyroid nodules

“The health center in Marbella incorporates the most advanced equipment for the treatment of benign nodules in the thyroid gland without the need for surgery. Quirónsalud Marbella is the only one with this therapy in the southern half of the country.”

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19. 06. 2022 | Goodbye to varicose veins, a solution without scars

Treating varicose veins with a technology that eliminates them without cutting or scarring, and with a post-operative course that allows the patient to return to a normal life in a short time. This is what the French company Theraclion is offering…



June 2022 | Solution to varicose veins
Without surgery, laser or foam, no recovery period or compressive stockings … a new robot removes them by ultrasound from the outside, without incisions. And it can be done in summer.

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28.05.2022 | The interview with Dr. Luis Izquierdo Lamoca

“Next we will talk about Theraclion, a company specialised in advanced medical equipment for ultrasound therapies. Dr. Luis Izquierdo Lamoca from Sonovein will tell us all the details”.

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17.05.2022 |  Look legs without varicose veins with a new ultrasound treatment

If you no longer know what to do to eliminate varicose veins in your legs, take note. We propose a new treatment that puts an end to them and allows you to return to your normal life immediately, even in summer.

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22.04.2022 | A guide to beautiful legs for this spring

Read this guide, to have varicose veins-free legs and enjoy the sunny weather.

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22.04.2022 | Stop varicose veins

How to get rid of your varicose veins while avoiding surgery !

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30.03.2022 | Surgeons develop a world first in vein medicine

Two vein specialists attract international medical experts to Melk with a bloodless surgical method using ultrasound.

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25.03.2022 | Secret diary of a beauty addict

Varicose veins affect millions of people and are not only a cosmetic problem but also a medical one. Journalist Condesa Maslov writes about her discovery of non-invasive treatment of varicose veins.

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24.02.2022 | Non-invasive treatment for varicose veins in Parma

Dr. Paolo Casoni now uses echotherapy to treat his patients’ varicose veins non-invasively. He is the only doctor in Italy who can use this method.

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The Good Housekeeping (UK)

19.05.2021 | Varicose veins treatment : what you need to know

In this article, you will learn more about varicose veins, the causes, and the benefits of ultrasound therapy. Learn more about this non-invasive treatment and its benefits.

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Venous News (UK)

31.03.2021 | The evolution of varicose veins treatments  

The brilliant Dr. Mark Whiteley takes us through the history of varicose veins and the different treatments. Starting with ligation in the nineteenth century to echotherapy, Dr. Whiteley shows the amazing progress that medicine has made in dealing with this condition.


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Vascular Today (UK)

29.01.2021 | How does echotherapy with SONOVEIN work ?

In 2018, the Institute for Functional Phlebotomy in Austria succeeded for the first time in treating an insufficient vein percutaneously using high-intensity ultrasound. This non-invasive ultrasound therapy with the SONOVEIN® system works without a scalpel, catheter or needle.


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Jameda (Germany)

12.01.2021 | Echotherapy instead of surgery – patient experience on Jameda

“Initial contact was with Dr. Bossong personally and I immediately felt indescribably well taken care of. I had a fibroadenoma which was successfully treated within a few hours with the help of echotherapy. Thanks to hypnosis (by Dr. Bossong) and additional painkillers, the pain was bearable. The care was super. Many thanks to them and the team in Ahrensburg.

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MED engineering (Germany)

10.11.2020 |  SONOVEIN S : promising HIFU technology  

Since 2019, Theraclion has been offering patients the unique opportunity to have varices treated non-invasively with SONOVEIN®. Using therapeutic ultrasound, varicose veins have since been treated “from the outside”. With the CE certification, the first non-invasive treatment method for varices is now entering its second generation.

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NDR (Germany)

12.10.2020 |  NDR – Contribution to the treatment of thyroid nodules
Nodules in the thyroid gland are often discovered by chance when palpating the neck or during an ultrasound examination. In many cases, the nodules don’t cause any symptoms. However, depending on their location and size, they can cause a feeling of pressure, swelling or a compulsion to clear the throat.

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KMG Klinikum (Germany)

15.11.2019 | Combination of echotherapy and hypnosis 

The video takes viewers into the treatment room – and shows how benign thyroid nodules are treated with echotherapy. The clinic complements the echotherapy procedure with hypnosis – a combination that is unique in central Germany and allows patients to receive treatment with little anesthesia.


ARTE Xenius (Germany)

07.08.2019 |  Echotherapy for thyroid nodules at the Bürgerhospital in Frankfurt 
In its science magazine Xenius, the TV station ARTE presents echotherapy for benign thyroid nodules. Prof. Dr. Dr. Hüdayi Korkusuz guides the viewer live through the treatment and explains why HIFU therapy can avoid a large number of operations.
(Video in German, subtitles available in all languages)

DZTA (Germany)

07.08.2019 | Q&A with Prof. Dr. Korkusuz on echotherapy for fibroadenomas
What is the procedure of echotherapy for fibroadenoma? How often does fibroadenoma need to be treated? Is the treatment painful? The echotherapy expert Prof. Dr. Dr. Hüdayi Korkusuz answers the most important questions about echotherapy (also called HIFU therapy) for benign lumps in the breast.
(Video in German, subtitles available in all languages)

KMG Klinikum (Germany)

25.06.2019 | Echotherapy for fibroadenomas
KMG Klinikum Sömmerda is the only echotherapy treatment center in Thuringia and offers treatment for benign thyroid nodules and fibroadenomas. The video reports on patient Hanna S., who had her fibroadenoma treated with echotherapy by head physician Dr. med. Steffen Liebers.
(Video in German, subtitles available in all languages)

Hamburger Abendblatt (Germany)

19.06.2019 |  How Ahrensburg doctors can prevent operations ?
Nuclear Medicine Ahrensburg has been treating benign thyroid nodules and fibroadenomas in the breast with high-intensity focused ultrasound since April 2019. The Hamburger Abendblatt Stormarn visited the first echotherapy practice north of the Elbe.

Woman in Trend (Germany)

08.12.2017 | Being able to breathe freely is a great feeling
The weekly magazine Frau im Trend (Women in Trend) reports on Andrea L., who suffered for years from a benign nodule in her thyroid gland. Following echotherapy treatment in the practice of nuclear medicine specialist drs. Marc Hakman in Paderborn, the 54-year-old is once again symptom-free.

Frau von Heute (Germany)

23.06.2017 |  Knots Gone, without surgery !

Breathe better and live without medication – thanks to echotherapy: The women’s magazine Frau von Heute tells the story of Ilona (59), who had her thyroid nodule treated in Dr Seeberger’s practice in Ilsfeld.


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