● Global health leaders warn about antimicrobial resistance.

“The world is running out of antibiotics, global health leaders warn.”

The Evening Standard Journal has recently published an article about the modern issue the world is facing regarding antibiotics resistance.

“Antimicrobial resistance is a global health emergency”, said World Health Organization director-general. Around 700,000 people around the world die annually due to drug-resistant infections…

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● Dr. David Brenin Interview on WINA radio

Expanding its pioneering work in the field of focused ultrasound, the University of Virginia Health System and Dr. David Brenin have launched the nation’s first clinical trial testing the technology’s potential to treat benign tumors of the breast known as fibroadenomas.

● Symptoms and causes of breast pain

There are two kinds of breast pain: cyclic breast pain and noncyclic breast pain. The cyclic breast pain is related to the menstrual cycle and intensifies during the two weeks before the start of the period to ease up just after. It is often accompanied with breast swelling and lumpiness and usually affects both breasts.

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● Mammograms : What to know before you go

A mammography is used by specialists to look for changes in breast tissue. The machine uses x-rays to detect any kind of lumps.

The mammography should be performed every year since the age of 50.

There are two types of mammograms: screening mammograms which is only a checking without any breast symptoms and diagnostic mammograms for women who have already breast issues.

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● Women with breast tumors sought for ultrasound study

A clinical trial to evaluate the use of ultrasound takes place in the US

The Roanoke Times paper published an article about the enrollment of women for echotherapy treatment in US.

A clinical trial to evaluate the use of ultrasound to treat benign breast tumors is enrolling women in the University of Virginia (USA). These benign breast tumors affect 10% of women during their life and are very common in Latin Americans.

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● Fibroadenoma Of The Breast

Fibroadenoma Of The Breast : A facebook page between women that live with fibroadenomas.

This facebook page is about women of different countries that live with fibroadenomas. They share information, give advice and explain their life with this benign lump.

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