Janine, 39 years

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with a lump. At first I was told that it was a fatty cyst. During my periods it became firmer and also unpleasant. But I didn’t think that it would had to be removed. And when I realised it was nothing serious it was clear for me that I was going to leave it in there. I didn’t want my breast touched for this. I don’t know exactly how big the lump was at that time, but you could see it at any rate. Later on it was noticed by my partner but I just spoke openly about it. I went around with it for a long time, until I was about 30 years old, when my gynecologist said: it needs to be taken out. The lump had probably grown to 3.5 cm and she thought it could be something serious. I then underwent a biopsy and I was told it was a fibroadenoma which was benign and would remain benign. At that time, I had definitely decided against an operation.

I then read in the newspaper, by chance, that a fibroadenoma can be reduced in size by echotherapy without surgery. I said to myself: no general anesthetic and no surgery – I’ll have this. Even though I had no difficulties with the lump, I still thought it was better to be treated as long as surgery wasn’t involved. I then found out more information at the echotherapy center and made an appointment.
On the day of the treatment I was very warmly welcomed. I had no concerns because I knew that nothing much could happen. The doctors had informed me very well beforehand. I could have had a tranquilizer injection but I decided against it. I have no problem lying still. This is important since if you move, the machine shuts down for safety reasons and it takes a little longer as it has to be restarted. When ultrasounds are applied it’s a little warm, it pinches a little but it’s not really a problem. And I am quite sensitive to pain but it was only a little pinch. Straight after the treatment I was able to do everything, I didn’t need to be particularly careful about anything and I was able to put my bra on again as normal. You could see a small bruise but that was all.

Before the treatment I hadn’t examined the fibroadenoma again myself at all. I knew that it was nothing serious so I wasn’t interested in it. But then some time after the treatment I noticed that it had clearly reduced in size.
The fibroadenoma has now become significantly smaller. Of the 3.5 cm there is probably still 1 cm. The tension has completely gone. The tissue also feels completely different; it’s no longer firm but soft. It is simply more pleasant.
I would definitely do it again; when it gets to a certain size it makes a lot of sense.

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