Barbara, 39 years

My first varicose vein appeared on my calf during my first pregnancy in 2003. It was getting bigger every summer, due to the heat. I went to the doctor for the first time 4 years ago, because I was starting to feel a heaviness in my leg: it was no longer just a cosmetic problem.

Because of my phobia of the operating theatre, which can cause real anxiety attacks in me, an operation was postponed. Recently, my doctor told me about ultrasound therapy. I was motivated by the idea of avoiding the operating theatre, as well as by the non-invasive aspect of the treatment and the absence of days off work.

During the 2.5 hour treatment I was able to check my smartphone and chat with the people around me. Thanks to the local anaesthetic, I could only feel a heat diffusion in the treated leg (without it, it was more like a strong pinch). It remained sensitive for 2-3 days and my muscles were a bit sore. But the same evening I was able to go dancing with my friends, without bandages! And I was able to resume my sports sessions on the third day after the treatment.

So I recommend echotherapy to all patients who want to avoid the operating theatre like me.

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