Christine, 61 years

I had an open spot on my leg. It just didn’t heal. The doctor said that it was an ulcer and it developed because of a vein not functioning properly anymore.

I had a surgery of the vein and afterwards the open spot on the leg healed again. But after a while the affected area slowly turned red again. A little later I was supposed to have surgery on my knee for a completely different reason. But when the orthopaedist saw my leg, he was afraid that the knee would become infected due to the injured skin. I still remember how he said, “Otherwise you might lose your leg”.

So I went back to my vein specialist. He discovered a perforator vein that was likely the reason for why my leg looked so horrible again. He advised me to have my veins treated again. But because the skin on my leg was in such a terrible condition, surgery was no longer possible. But then he told me about a new treatment method: echotherapy.

The procedure can be used to treat veins without an operation, that means without a cut or puncture. If I had known that before! The treatment itself was absolutely ok and bearable. I didn’t even need any painkillers. And the atmosphere was also really relaxed – we even talked. And after that I was able to go home without any restrictions.

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