Diana, 53 years

I am a logistician in the airline industry and therefore have to stand a lot, which, together with a family history, is certainly not good for varicose veins. I have had visible varicose veins for a while, but suddenly I got a thrombosis. That was the trigger for me to get treatment.

I searched the internet for a vein specialist and came across a website that told me about echotherapy as an alternative to surgery.

Years ago I had varicose veins surgery, with incisions, anaesthesia and so on. Afterwards I had problems for ages and had to wear compression stockings for weeks. There was a tingling in my legs that took a long time to go away. And then the stitches had to be removed and small scars remained.

I did not want that to happen again and when I read about the echotherapy, I thought I would give it a try. You have to be able to endure the treatment, but I am very satisfied and had no problems at all after the treatment. I was able to go back to my everyday life right away.

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