Erika, 46 years

I noticed my varicose veins for the first time while playing tennis. My friends said to me at the time: ‘You’re going to have real problems with your varicose veins’. I was a bit concerned, knowing that varicose veins were present and that they involve certain complications.

But my friends didn’t give up. I finally went to see a specialist. My right leg was the first to be operated on. It really wasn’t a pleasure. I had to go to the hospital, got general anaesthesia… The full operation.

When it was my left leg’s turn, my doctor recommended a new method: echotherapy with the SONOVEIN® device. It comes completely without surgery or incision.

I went to the practice on the day of the treatment. I lied down on a lounger chair. I was fully conscious the whole time and could look at everything going on. I still can’t say exactly how it all happened. I just trusted my doctor and let him do the whole thing. To be safe, my husband was with me at the practice. But it really wasn’t necessary.

Immediately after the treatment I drove us home. And to celebrate the day we went out to eat. My varicose veins are now gone. I’m curious what my friends will think when I put my tennis skirt on…

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