Ilona, 59 years

Thyroid nodules occur frequently in our family. I myself had never had problems in the past. However about three years ago, I suddenly suffered from water retention, sweated a lot and was often tired and breathless. I suspected the usual causes of menopause and asthma. Following an appointment with my osteopath things got rolling: he suspected thyroid problems behind my symptoms. Following up with an appointment with my GP and blood tests, I was told that my thyroid glands were OK. I was not convinced and wanted to have my symptoms checked out by a specialist doctor. At about the same time, I read in the press about Dr. Seeberger, who specializes in thyroid diseases at his nuclear medical practice. I took my blood results to the appointment with Dr. Seeberger who was immediately alerted. My thyroid glands were completely out of balance. The constant fatigue, the heat buildup, the problems of breathing were all connected with a thyroid nodule. I was very afraid of an operation, but Dr. Seeberger quickly reassured me. He introduced me to a new, gentle treatment that uses ultrasound which melts the thyroid nodule tissue by heat. He told me all about echotherapy: a short treatment without a hospital stay and which the healthy tissue is not impaired. The most important thing: no surgery, no cuts. I felt relived – the decision had been made. Already the day after the treatment, I could breathe better again and within three weeks the nodule had already shrank by a third. I did not expect my complaints to ease so quickly. Since I had a thyroid nodule on both sides of the thyroid gland, the treatment was performed in two sessions. Also the second time everything went without problems. I am just extremely happy that my thyroid gland did not have to be removed and I probably will not need any more drugs. And I have once again realized how important it is to listen to your inner voice.

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