James, 51 years

When I was young, I was a keen competitive cyclist and I think that must have put a lot of pressure on my veins. As I got older, the veins started to bulge, my legs felt heavy, and they started to itch a lot as well. Slowly the veins got larger and when dark spots and patterns of redness started to appear I could tell that things were getting worse and I knew I had to do something about it.

A friend of mine had his legs lasered. But from what he told me about that laser treatment, it did not sound too compelling. He also told me that since his treatment there was a new technique available called SONOVEIN® echotherapy.

I’ve never had an operation in my life and the thought that I might have to have incisions in different parts of my legs did not appeal to me one bit. But when they told me how echotherapy works, I thought ‘this is definitely the treatment for me’.

So when I went in for my treatment, it didn’t feel like being in a surgery or hospital at all. It was just a nice, comfortable room, with the SONOVEIN machine next to the bed. I felt a little discomfort when the treatment started, near my groin. But after that the local anaesthetic they gave me kicked in and I didn’t feel anything after that.

There was no cutting into my skin. The SONOVEIN just worked its magic, treating my vein and when it was finished, I just got up and went home.

It’s amazing. SONOVEIN is amazing. And it’s definitely the future for treating veins!

Discover James’ testimonial in video on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKKgZG8dq7I

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