Lynn, 56 years

I’ve been having vein problems for a few years now, but it was about two years before treatment that they really started to get ugly. I suppose my job didn’t help, because running a boutique, you really are on your feet all day. I became very conscious that my legs were starting to look terrible in shorts so I stopped wearing them.

A friend of mine had similar problems. She went to see a vein specialist who told her about this new echotherapy technique. They use ultrasound with a machine called SONOVEIN®, which treats varicose veins without surgery.

I just took a deep breath and went to see a vein doctor and he told me that varicose vein problems such as mine were not just a cosmetic issue, they could have hidden complications and with some people that can even result in leg ulcers. So I got treatment in both legs.

The treatment wasn’t too bad. I felt a little discomfort now and again, but the whole process was completely non-invasive. The ultrasound beam went straight through my skin without cutting it or anything, it was just remarkable. I was asked to walk straight after the treatment. I did a couple of rounds through the office, and I was ready to go!

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