Markus, 47 years

My varicose veins only bothered me visually in the beginning, so I had a foam sclerotherapy done. That’s when the problems really started. I work a lot, 10-12 hours a day are normal, and I really didn’t have much time. Putting my legs up was really out of the question.

The treated leg was often swollen, hot, painful and sore. Without a compression stocking nothing really worked anymore and then there was a weird spot on my legs that was like dead. I had that treated again too. But I really thought: ‘Did I really do all that for nothing?’.

I then also had a laser therapy done. At one point, it was a real medical marathon. Thank God I ended up with my current doctor, who recommended the echotherapy treatment with the SONOVEIN® device.

It went without any complications. At first, I felt a kind of tickling, for a couple seconds, but it really was not too bad. Right after the treatment, I went for a walk, for about an hour. The pressure in the leg was just gone.

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