Rebecca, 58 years

I have had varicose veins symptoms since I was about 25. I had already been treated by sclerotherapy once. With three children to look after, I didn’t take time to follow up, especially as I didn’t have any serious symptoms. But as the years went by, apart from the risks to my health, it was the unpleasant aspect that I didn’t like.

I had consulted 2 angiologists, who confirmed that I needed an operation. I was offered to have both legs operated on the same day, which was little consolation, and fortunately I had not managed to decide!

I discovered echotherapy by French local newspaper La Voix du Nord in early 2021. I then read about it on the website. I was immediately convinced because I wanted to avoid the operating theatre. I am in the medical-social field, I like my work and I really wanted to avoid work stoppages.

I made an appointment with the doctor via Doctolib, we did the necessary tests (Doppler) and agreed on a date to treat the first leg. The doctor was reassuring and attentive and we were able to talk throughout the procedure. I felt nothing thanks to the local anaesthetic and even without it, the pain was bearable. I thought it was a great treatment method! I then made an appointment for the treatment of my second leg.

I was able to resume my daily activities the same day and was able to work normally the next day!

In terms of costs, planning the treatment in advance allowed me to put the money aside without it upsetting my finances too much. I think it’s worth it! I would definitely recommend this treatment to others.

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