Sandrine, 49 years

I was treated by echotherapy after having experienced certain symptoms of varicose veins such as the heavy legs effect, the appearance of a sort of small ball at the top of the thigh, veins that seem to be knotted and that stick out… My doctor, whom I trust completely, recommended a quick intervention to avoid any risk of thrombosis (formation of a blood clot).

I had already had a varicose veins operation 7-8 years before and I had bad memories of it… Under general anesthetic, I didn’t feel anything at the time but the following days were painful. The operation was outpatient and I had planned to go back to work the next day, but instead I had 10 days off work with home care. I had an allergic reaction first to the thread, then to the dressing, so I had complications I could have done without… The operation also left me with huge bruises, one of which was behind my knee, which was particularly annoying.

So when I had to have another operation and my doctor told me about ultrasound therapy, even though I’m a fussy person by nature, I immediately accepted. My relatives were surprised and a little worried about this new technology, but I was sure I didn’t want another surgery.

When I did the maths, I realised that between the post-operative care, the nurse’s trip home, the anaesthetist’s extra fees, etc., the cost of a treatment with the machine was not the same as the cost of a surgery. The cost of a treatment with ultrasound therapy was equivalent to the cost of a second operation, without the inconvenience!

I didn’t feel any pain, I didn’t even feel like I was undergoing a medical procedure because everything was done in the office with my doctor. It went so well that I have already forgotten everything! I have nothing but good memories and have recommended this treatment to all my friends. If I had to do it again in the future, I would choose this option without hesitation. By the way, I have thyroid problems and I heard that my nodules can be treated with ultrasound therapy, so after delaying an operation I will probably go for this treatment.

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