Teresa, 54 years

I have had varicose veins for 20-25 years, but I had never experienced any treatment. I had an echography once and they had warned me that I might need surgery later. At first, there were very small and more of a cosmetic issue, before they turned into a health issue. When the vein is not working well, it’s like a tap that you need to turn off.

My varicose veins mostly affected me during the hot months, the heat could be a real bother.

I am a primary school teacher so I spend a lot of time on my feet. I need my full mobility to work and take care of the children, especially the young ones who require more attention. I also walk a lot, at a fast pace.

Recently, I wanted to have my varicose veins checked and found an online newspaper article about this new treatment method, echotherapy with SONOVEIN. The alternative was a small surgery, since my varicose veins were not very pronounced. But I didn’t want it, because of the possible complications. I wanted to have them treated because my mother also had had varicose veins that were aggravated by heart disease and diabetes. It resulted in an open ulcer. I wanted to avoid this. I thus took an appointment at the Instituto Vascular Internacional at HM Monteprincipe in Madrid.

During the treatment, they gave me a local anaesthetic, and I felt a little heat but no pain. It was completely bearable. I left the doctor’s office by foot and I got back to work the next day. That’s a great advantage! Amazing treatment!

I did both legs a few months apart (November and February) and both treatments went really well! I didn’t feel pain after the treatment once the anaesthetic effect disappeared. The doctor recommended not doing sports for a while as a precautionary measure but apart from that I went back to my normal life.

I am very happy with the treatment, it’s amazing! I have already recommended it to a few people including my colleague who already has an appointment with the doctor. We need to talk more about echotherapy, it’s so great!

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