Ina, 66 years

For many years I always felt like having a lump in my throat. At a doctor’s appointment I was confronted with the diagnosis: I had several hot and one cold thyroid nodule. A conventional treatment with thyroid hormones turned out unsuccessful and so the nodules were initially just observed on a regular basis. Thereby it was recognized that the cold nodule kept increasing in volume slowly but steadily over the years. In 2018, I was advised to have the thyroid completely surgically removed, based on my age and the constant increase in the number of hot nodules. I started my own research on the internet because I wanted to avoid surgery. I came across the Echotherapy treatment, a non-invasive alternative to surgery. Unfortunately, it was not offered in Munich, but I found the University Hospital in Frankfurt which offered the therapy. Since the clinic is considered a pioneer of this therapy and is well recognized throughout Germany due to their competent medical experts and the offer of the latest technology, I wanted to give it a try. I immediately contacted the university hospital and it turned out that I was eligible for the therapy! Unfortunately, the treatment was not completely painless. There were several so-called pulses delivered during treatment – high-intensity ultrasound which heats the tissue locally and destroys the nodule tissue. This will not completely remove the nodule, but it will decrease its volume to an extent that it cannot be felt anymore. Today I feel freer and no longer experience the feeling of having a lump in my throat. I would do this again at any time to avoid surgery.

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