Echotherapy for
varicose veins

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Echotherapy for varicose veins

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Every patient’s history is unique: read reports from echotherapy patients and find out why they chose to treat their varicose veins with high intensity focussed ultrasound.

Omar, 37 years

«It was literally a real walk-in walk-out treatment experience.»

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I’m a Specialist Venous Surgeon and Phlebologist at The Whiteley Clinic and I generally stand all day whilst treating patients. At the end of my days, my legs often used to feel extremely painful, heavy and restless. As a doctor I knew it was because of my veins – I had 2 incompetent perforator veins.

As I learned Echotherapy would be available and launching at The Whiteley Clinic as a new, completely non-invasive treatment option I knew this was for me, especially as I hate needles. Of course, only if I am the patient.

Echotherapy is not like laser treatment, there is no catheter insertion, just an ultrasound probe which sits on your skin. Only a small volume of local anesthetic was used, a lot less than what is required for other treatment options. I can definitely admit that it was way less painful than laser treatment.

During the treatment I was able to relax on the treatment table and the treatment probe was positioned on my leg. Much to my delight, I didn’t feel much of the pulses at all. Sometimes it would heat up a bit, like if you are holding a cup of tea, but after a few seconds this sensation would disappear. During the evening after the treatment I felt that “something” had happened in my legs, but it was not a feeling of pain. In all honesty, I didn’t have any post-operative pain at all, nor did I have any bruises or discomfort that often comes with other vein treatments.

It was literally a real walk-in walk-out treatment experience. I was treated first thing in the morning and by that afternoon I attended a clinical training which incorporated standing most of the time. The day after the treatment, I continued to work normally and the 2nd day after the treatment I did surgeries all day. To my astonishment, I felt absolutely great! I had a follow up scan and with much excitement I can say my veins are completely closed and the heaviness, restlessness and the pain are completely gone.

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Do you have questions on echotherapy for varicose veins?

Do you have questions on echotherapy for varicose veins?